Style Examples and information:

Need to Knows:

  • ♦️ Payment is through Paypal, currency is USD.
  • ♦️ I won't draw until after receiving payment.
  • ♦️ Average turnaround atm is a few days - 2 weeks.
  • ♦️ Humans = Humanoids > Furries >> Anthros = Animals
  • ♦️ I keep commercial rights.
  • ♦️ No creation of NFTs based off my artwork or any portion of it.
  • ♦️ I won't draw NSFW/Gore/Hateful works.
  • ♦️ I generally do not offer WIPs because of my messy iterative process but if you'd like to request an update, feel free. If I need to pause mid-process for a day or two, updates may be previewed on my Trello. Any significant updates for the day will be posted by 11pm EST.

  • ♦️ All images posted publicly are watermarked and may be cropped for safety; all buyers receive a higher-resolution image with a very small unobtrusive watermark and a copy of the watermarked version that will be shared publicly. Please only post the watermarked versions to public sites.
  • ♦️ Please PM me the form on Toyhouse, Furaffinity, or reach to me on my email! If I fail to reply within a few days, I might've missed your message or your email was sent to spam; If you're on any social media I'm on, feel free to drop a ping or comment and I can dig it up.

♦️♦️♦️ Full ToS ♦️♦️♦️


  • ♦️ Humanoids + Furries.
  • ♦️ Dynamic/Dramatic Shading
  • ♦️ Bright Colors
  • ♦️ Natural Backgrounds

❌Won't Draw:

  • ♦️ Gore/R18-explicit images
  • ♦️ Some ferals (includes things like horses, just ask!)
  • ♦️ Racist/Hateful themes
  • ♦️ Blacklisted fanart: includes Homestuck, Blizzard properties, TAZ podcast, Roosterteeth, Sanrio, Disney etc (Fan OCs may be an exception, at my discretion.)