More than just the example pages. Images here are from 2020-2022! There's a ton of images in this; expect broken or slow loading. I'll split the galleries in the future.

Colored Sketches

Colored sketches are fast colored sketches; speedpaints are quickly(?) colored painty things with some sketchiness to them. They're timed with an app that records my focus on an art program using a hook, therefore it's accurate even if I bounce off-program to talk to a friend or pick a new video to listen to. Gallery Sections are sorted in newest to oldest, approximately.

4+ hours:

Illustrations paid per hour; these are at the bare minimum 4 hours of work.

2-3 hours:

Most of these were commissioned for a 2 hour timeframe.

1 hour or less:

Sketchy things, very character-centric. The ones with the crosshatched backgrounds were a half hour in length each and done special for the person on a stream.


A super-deformed pair of styles. One is simpler, the other lends more room for details.

Simple chibis:

Mostly flat, a little toning. Tiny hands and feet or cute paws/ Generally a 1:1 head:body ratio with little to no shading. Details will be simplified quite a bit.

Fancy chibis:

Chibis with a 1:3 or so head:body ratio. They retain more details than their simple breatheren, and can be shaded or not.


Incredibly clean lineart rather than the messier lineart, these are headshots, fullbodies, and whatever in between. Can be shaded or not.


Drawn bit by bit... Sometimes animated, sometimes not.

Watercolor Headshots:

Special deals done on occasion. Done digitally, faking watercolors. Not normally open.