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Original Characters you'll see in the OC gallery page.

Character.exe: Morumay.pep

A diminutive Moon god.

· Male

· ???

· Adopted

· The Night, Full Moon Evenings, Waterfalls and quiet lakes

· Eclipses, Cloudy days.

Morumay is a playful god, and easily flipflops between his godly personality, and a bumbling idiot persona. When not in his mortal garb he likes wandering the physical plane and playing pranks on mortals. He catches everyone offguard easily by his unimpressive current form.

When in the Celestial Realm, he is generally by Feardorcha's side or falling for his whims. He frequently travels back and forth between there and the desert where Atarnua keeps herself, mostly on a errand for Feardorcha. He hates the intense heat and got himself an outfit especially for those visits

His arcane powers are a balance of Light and Dark. He can also use Metal element skills while holding his mirror.


Character.exe: Callisto.pep

A pirate ship quartermaster.

· Agender

· Asexual;


· Books, history, quiet spaces.

· Noise, fighting.

An asocial dreamy who loves reading and writing. Comes off very stern and somewhat condescending, but only because how short they keep their sentences. They're well read and have an all encompassing vocabulary, but makes use of it in their journals rather than their company.

They were captured and brought aboard the pirate ship to be the quartermaster, and even though they're not happy with the idea, they're incredibly proficient at calming ruckuses, record keeping, and splitting resources fairly. Traveling also gives them a great chance to experience and record the cultures that they'd otherwise only read about. The crew frequently pillages for books to keep them in a good mood, but what the group steals and Callisto's preferred taste rarely align. They read them anyway.


Character.exe: Sadie.pep

A spunky pirate and ABS.

· Female

· Les-bean


· Money, girls.

· Hurricanes and Storms.

One of a small band of sky pirates. She's infamous for being a sly pickpocket. She's also loud, sassy, quick to the punch, and doesn't take orders well.

She's loud and brash, great at getting Harlow revved up so she can start her thefts. If her pickpocketing schemes fail, she slams her head into whoever her target is and quickly joins the brawl. She and Harlow make quick cleanup of the bodies, taking whatever they deem valuable, and make a quick getaway. If she manages to drag Ignatius into the fray, she slips her bandana around her face and fluffs up his tail to help debilitate their foes.

She'll only follow her own whims or Aleksey's orders. Her job on deck is to attend to the cannons and manage the younger shipmates. She gets great personal satisfaction stealing from the rich, and pickpockets any rich snob she can find when they enter towns.