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  • May 16th: +2 to paid gallery, in the 2hr section! I think I'm gonna have to make an update section one day lol.
  • May 15th: Friday Night Funkin IvnyRose release! Stuff is documented on the FNF page.
  • May 7th: Started a Places of Interest page, minor Extras tweaking.
  • May 6th: +2 Comms in #paid, +1 OC art
  • April 29th: +1 fanart, +1 OC art
  • April 20th: +3 Fanart; +2 OC art, +1 song, assorted tiny fixes, happy 🍃 day!
  • April 8th: Commissions -> FNF finished! Additional small tweaks here and there. New image added to OC page.
  • April 6th: Extras-> OCs pages begun!
    Gallery -> OCs complete.
    Buttons added, random pages updated slightly
  • April 1st: Extras-> Buttons page added!
    Gallery -> Commissions complete.
    Commission -> Simple Chibis, Fancy Chibis, Non-chibis, and Pixels pages complete!
    This would've been posted March 31st if my ISP wasn't down. No fools for you!
  • March 30th: +1 Tune (Piano-fi). Fanart gallery is complete!
  • March 23rd: Got some help from the wonderful Avistella to get me some wonderful gallery code! The speedpaint section of the commissions page is complete!
  • March 5th: Bones of the site mostly complete. Various gallery pages getting images 🎈
  • March 4th: Tunes page added (6 songs); various gallery pages added.
  • March 2nd: Links / Projects / Contact pages filled out
  • February 27th: First Update recorded; basic layout / CSS completed, most pages incomplete to some degree. About and Index finished.

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