Friday Night Funkin' vs IvnyRose

A large Collaboration. I scraped up the coding at a point and turned it into a full demo, simultaneously being an artist.

Final version contributions:

  • Art and animation for Justice (all sprites & lipsyncing), Boyfriend (the default / not vs Pigeon version), Boyfriend and Pigeon, Dove, Kids on Boombox (both versions), background Ursa, and background Harvest and Artemis. Icons for my version of BF, Justice (normal), Dove, Spore, and Sayge (Binky).
  • Pose/image assistance for Harvest on Boombox, & Spore vs Pigeon sketches.
  • Minor image tweaks across the board.
  • Various coding assistance: Destroyed hall, Hellstage, other stage tweaks, various song insertions, video & dialogue implementations, Dove's camera events, Title screen fixes. Basically saving time for the real coders lol.

Full video of some prerelease version?? My version's video doesn't match up with another player I saw and I grabbed it from our googledrive instead of gamebanana:

Walkthrough of certain assets I did:

Prerelease stuff, just check out the final versions up there:

Friday Night Funkin' vs Perpa

A personal one featuring my persona. This was my first three attempts at animating the characters. I made the opponent from scratch, did some small edits to bf, and then did a heavy edit to gf.

Friday Night Funkin' vs Piconjo

Started off as a demo; currently being worked on. Music by Piconjo, Teravex, and Anjer on Newgrounds, most everything else by me.