Friday Night Funkin Sprites:

Opponent: $300

Playable Boyfriend + Misses: $350

Playable Boyfriend + Misses + Death: $500

Sprites usable in FNF Mods. Comes with Up / Down / Left / Right / One (1) Special animations and offset alignment for Vanilla, Kade, or Psych. For the special animations, think BF's V or shaking poses. I've done ~10 now and am familiar with the process. Turnaround time is expected to be about a month, though I will frequently update for each pose and work closely with you. I require credit for the art in the mod no matter how it's released. These take me 8+ hours to draw and animate; as I make most poses very unique from each other.


Please check back here after vs Ivnyrose's release for Justice's entire animation gallery. He's got two more idles, mid-song talking with lipsync and more...


Please have this form handy and order through ko-fi, as I'm only willing to have one slot open at a time.
  • Name: ___ (Username I should mention when crediting you)
  • Email: ___ (for Paypal invoices)
  • Commission type: FNF Sprite: Opponent/Boyfriend/Boyfriend+Death
  • Refs: ___ (Basic design reference)
  • Info: ___ (Have some basic ideas for the poses. Feel free to have sketches handy, stickmen ideas, or just a list of vague ideas.)
  • Notes: ____ (Anything to note, including if I can/not post animations to my social media before the mod's release)