Fancy Chibis:

Colored Fullbody: $35

Shaded (Cel or Soft) Fullbody: $50

Chibis with a taller body and more details. They can come flat colored, or two styles of shading: cel/hard shading or soft shading. Backgrounds are not included.

🔸 Excessive detail fee starts at +$5: Clutter · Angel Wings · Armor · Extra body parts

🔸 Additional characters charged separately.

Example: Cel Shaded

Example: Soft Shaded; for Neonmace24

Example: Flat; for iinasmuch


Please fill out this form when you message me, with the subject title Commission Inquiry
  • Name: ___ (Username I should mention when crediting you)
  • Email: ___ (for Paypal invoices)
  • Commission type: Fancy Chibi: Flat/Cel/Soft
  • Refs: ___ (1-3clean colored reference images, at least one being full body. Local color preferred over shaded images.)
  • Info: ___ (Quickly summarize your character's personality. Please avoid ambiguous terms like "sexy". If ordering interacting characters, please summarize the interaction you're looking for.)
  • Notes: ____ (Anything to note, like "refrain from posting until x day", if you'd like specific credits on a site, or even missable details on your character)